What Does Fifty Shades have to do with Valentine’s?

What Does Fifty Shades have to do with Valentine’s?

Fifty Shades and Romance – Oil and Water?

For the past few months I’ve been working on my soon-to-be-released historical romance, WILLOW’S SECRET. It’s full of people who care about each other, who care about the well-being of their partner, who give what they have to make life easier for the person they love, or help that special someone become a better person.

Mimi Foster Willows SecretToday, as we celebrate “the day of love,” the biggest national buzz about “love” is the premier of Fifty Shades of Grey. As an author, I’ve tried hard, really hard, to wrap my brain around the notion that this has become a feeding frenzy. I’ve tried to get into the mindset of readers to understand how abusive sexual and emotional relationships are blockbuster bestsellers.

Don’t get me wrong, I like romance and sex and good stories as much as the next person. And I don’t judge people who are into BDSM and have different lifestyles. But when did bondage and discipline and sadomasochism become mainstream, knock-it-out-of-the-park ROMANCE? I’m no prude, I JUST.DON’T.GET.IT.

There’s so much I want to say, but I think the following article by Kristen Lamb said it beautifully. Would love to hear your thoughts on this complex subject.

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb’s Blog:

I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to go here, but alas, here we are. Today, 50 Shades of Grey the MOVIE will open for…*record screech* Valentine’s Day. Nothing says I love you like predatory emotional manipulation, sociopathy, abuse and non-consensual sex acts.

Find THAT on a Hallmark card.

And yes, I know there have been other kinky books like this, but 50 Shades sold over 100 million copies and the movie (despite ZERO plot) is expected to gross in excess of $60 million which means I just threw up a little in my mouth this “story” has tipped from fringe to mainstream and that scares me more than a little bit.

No, I didn’t read the book. I don’t need to. Nor do I need to watch gang-rape prison porn to know it probably is unhealthy for the future of women (or even men). Guess what? I didn’t have to eat…

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Historical or Contemporary Romance? Having fun with both!

Historical or Contemporary Romance? Having fun with both!

Historical Romance or Contemporary Romance?

Mimi Foster Willow's SecretWhen I first started writing, I was excited to be part of the Contemporary Romance genre. After THUNDER STRUCK was published, I was totally enamoured with the character of Willow that Jordan and Brandan discovered from the journals they found during their remodel of the Victorian home Jordan inherited. After writing another Contemporary Romance novel (THUNDER STORM), I still wanted to tell the story of Willow, so I built her novel from the framework of what we’d learned from her descendants.

But then I found I couldn’t really chronicle her life without telling the story of her parents, Edward and Jordan Stratton. Rather than do an entire novel on them, I wrote a quick and tender novella entitled JORDAN’S GIFT, which takes place in the early 1890s, much of which sets the stage to tell Willow’s tale.

I am close to being done with WILLOW’S SECRET, which will be in the time period between 1910 and 1915. What I’ve discovered in this historical journey is that it’s fun to see people learn about things we take for granted – cars, electricity, indoor plumbing, telephones. So I’ve had a good time with it. Can’t wait to introduce you to Willow and Charles. COMING SOON . . .

Interesting discoveries when doing research for historical novels

Interesting discoveries when doing research for historical novels

John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Rockefellers Sr. and Jr.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. and Jr.

When you hear the name Rockefeller, it is often associated with words like ‘philanthropy’ and ‘charity’ and ‘Christianity.’ But in doing research for my upcoming novel set in the early 1910’s, there is every indication that those words were nothing but artistic license to cover over greed and avarice by a man and a company that brooked no disquiet in their ranks, and took swift and immediate action against anyone who dared to question the deplorable conditions under which their miners were forced to perform.

Junior, as he was called, was the principle stockholder of Colorado Fuel and Iron. When workmen complained about long hours and poor living conditions, their company-provided homes were destroyed. When they complained because they were being paid in script, and their wages were only good at the company controlled stores in the company controlled towns, the National Guard was brought in to ‘control’ the dissenters. And when tents were provided by union organizers to help workers fight to have shorter days and standard wages, the tent villages were burned to teach them a lesson in not getting ‘above’ themselves.

The Ludlow Massacre of 1914 became a turning point in Junior’s life, but before the resulting events of that fateful debacle were over, almost 200 men, women, and children would be dead. It was a terrible blight on the Rockefeller image, and he ended up hiring a Public Relations firm to help restore the family’s good name.

It has been a vivid journey for me to weave such rich history into the upcoming storyline of Willow Stratton and Charles Fleming. I’m excited to be working on Willow’s Secret to have it ready for publication by January 2015. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy the other stories in the Thunder on the Mountain series, including my latest release about Willow’s parents, Edward and Jordan Stratton, in Jordan’s Gift.



Jordan’s Gift by Mimi Foster Now Available

Mimi Foster Jordan's GiftIn this tender and sexy novella set in the early 1890s, tungsten mine owner Edward Stratton has met his match when young Denver socialite Jordan Calhoun comes to town. Setting off immediate sparks, they are pulled towards each other like a full moon pulls the tide.

But Jordan’s ex-fiance, who happens to be Edward’s archrival, is set on making mischief. Edward will do everything in his power to protect what he and Jordan have found. A quick reading, romantic escape, the first in a series of Fireside Escapes.

Only 99c, get your copy of Jordan’s Gift TODAY!


JORDAN’S GIFT Available for Pre-Order

JORDAN’S GIFT Available for Pre-Order

Historical Victorian Romance Novel

Mimi Foster Jordan's GiftFor only 99c, you can spend several hours escaping the cares of your world and read this enchanting, loving story of Edward A. Stratton, hardened mine owner in the 1890s, and the vibrant Denver socialite, Jordan Lillian Calhoun. In Jordan’s Gift, set in the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado, Edward and Jordan share a fierce love that carries on for generations. The ancestors of Jordan and Brandan in Thunder Struck, read this tender historical romance telling the tale of where it all began. Pre-order today and have it delivered to your eReader on Saturday, November 29, 2014. Just in time to do a little weekend relaxing after the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving.

A Fireside Escape – new line of novellas from Mimi Foster

A Fireside Escape – new line of novellas from Mimi Foster

A Fireside Escape

Mimi Foster Books Jordan's GiftJordan’s Gift, set in the early 1890s, is the first in a series of novellas that will be tagged A Fireside Escape. The goal is to have a quick-reading book to curl up with in front of a toasty fire or a sizzling beach that will help you escape, if only for a few hours, the cares of the world into romantic stories of ahhhh-inspiring sighs. So look for future Fireside Escape releases (Sam’s Song coming Valentine’s Day 2015), or curl up a little longer with one of the other great novels available on this site. We look forward to sharing sensual stories of passion and romance with you. Check back often.

Blog Tour Sexy Books Blog

Blog Tour Sexy Books Blog

Interview with Mimi Foster

Recently I had the honor of being involved with the wonderful group at SexyBooksBlog on a week-long blog tour for THUNDER STRUCK and THUNDER STORM. I had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s a copy of the interview I did with them.

What triggered the story behind your latest release?
Jeni and Miles were secondary characters in book 2, THUNDER STRUCK. I was so enamored with both of them ~ loved her aggressiveness, loved his heart (and beauty) and wanted them to be together

Thunder on the Mountain Series
Real place ~ almost everything in the book is based on real except the Amber Rose and Madeline Manor. I have a close association with a B&B in Colorado Springs and I moved it to Nederland, put it on the side of a hill overlooking Barker Reservoir, and made it real

What prompted you to start writing?
In my other life, I’m a realtor. I was blogging regularly and everyone said – you should write a book. My elderly mother lived with us and hated for me to leave the house, so instead of writing about real estate, I started writing happily ever after steamy romance novels, because it’s what I like to read to escape. Nederland is a place I love, I made the character in the first book a realtor, and here we are . . .

Where do your ideas come from?
Book 1, THUNDER SNOW, started with the ending – there’s a cute ending that I wanted, and I worked the whole book backwards. I have a daughter who lives in NYC and is a professional. When I’d go to visit her, I’d think of how she might respond to being transplanted to a little town of 1500 people in the middle of nowhere. The love of a good man can change a lot of ideas, and books two and three came about because they were NY friends and they both visited Colorado and got ‘hooked’

Do you ever get writer’s block?
Not really. Sometimes I don’t write when life is swirling around me and real estate is busy or being the mom of five adult daughters and five grandbabies makes life a little more strained. Until a few months ago, I had my 93 year old mother living with us, and that could also be distracting. But if I find that I don’t know what to write about, I skip ahead and write a scene I want to do and am excited to do and know exactly what I’m going to write about, and then the scene that I was stuck on seems to write itself when I go back to do it because now I know exactly where I’m going with it.

Who designed your covers? Is it an important part in the buying process?
Kim Killion of The Killion Group, Inc. is the designer, and I think it’s a huge part of the buying process. I see covers sometimes and I wonder who designed them, and I often won’t even read the back cover story because I dislike the cover so much. I imagine other people are the same way.

What advice would you give your younger self?
JOURNAL! I’ve had an amazing life – so many fun and interesting people and places. There’s SO much of it I don’t remember, or don’t remember the details, and so much of it would make fodder for a book. And I would have started writing earlier in life, but everything in its own time, I guess.

How did you come up with your title?
Thunder snow was a bizarre phenomenon I first experienced in Nederland. I made it part of the story, and ended up making it the title. When book two was done and I was brainstorming with a friend on what the title should be, my husband walked by and said, THUNDER STRUCK. The Thunder on the Mountain series was born

If you had it to do again, would you change anything in your book?
Mimi Foster Thunder Struck
The only thing I can think of is I would have made the few changes that I did before I heavily advertised book 1 (THUNDER SNOW). I took out some of the angst, I made the heroine just a little stronger and the hero not quite so abrupt, and I changed the language that Sam spoke. As reviews started coming in for that, those were the (legitimate) complaints, and they were all good observations. Unfortunately, there were over 90,000 downloads before those changes happened, and I’ve been shocked at how nasty some people can be when they review a book. So, I’m happy with how all the books are now, and I wouldn’t go back and change them, I will just keep trying to make the next ones better by the things I learn from these. I learned after making some changes to book 1 that it’s much better to just keep going and not worry about the ones that are already published.

Do you have any advice for other writers?
DON’T EDIT the first draft. Get your ideas down – whether it be in outline or just the storyline, and don’t go back to find the right words on the first draft. Just write and write and write. You’ll find the errors of the storyline when you do that, and you’re going to go back and perfect the sentence structure and the descriptions when you start editing. It will go SO MUCH FASTER if you just let the words flow from your fingers in the first place. No matter what, you will change it a lot as you go through your story, so get the basics down, and then make it beautiful.

What do you want your tombstone to say?
One of my daughters wrote me a beautiful poem one time. One of the lines in it was, “She isn’t perfect, but she is.” So I’ve thought that would make a great heading for a tombstone ~ She wasn’t perfect, but she was

What does your family think of your writing?
My husband thinks it’s wonderful, my mom thought it was a ‘sweet pastime,’ and my five daughters love that I’m writing, but won’t read ‘those parts’ – they skip over them because – ewwww

Did you intend to write a series when you started?
Not really. I loved the setting. I loved the hero. And he had some guys that worked with him that were pretty cool. I loved a B&B that I work with a lot in my town, and I thought it would be a lot of fun to have the guys remodel a derelict B&B and make it look like mine. So that’s how the series came about – and all the characters became friends.

Are there occupational hazards to being a novelist?
Weight is the first thing that comes to mind. I sit all day (which I’ve never done before) and writing almost four books in a little over a year has taken its toll on my weight. I try hard to get up every 25 minutes and take a break, and now I’m on the ultimate search for a comfortable chair to sit in for long stretches of time because I tend to lean when I’m writing. And I love getting lost in another world and having to come back to reality.

Do you read reviews?
I have a dear friend who writes Young Adult novels. When I first started, I was shocked at how nasty people could be, and she said to me all the time – DO NOT READ YOUR REVIEWS! I tried for a long time not to read them, but the nastiest ones come on Goodreads – vicious, and I have to admit, I still read them.

What are your thoughts on good reviews?
It makes me happy when people love the characters I’ve created. I get the most precious letters from people who say that they are thinking of Jeni and Miles days/weeks later, and one woman told me that she kept missing Jeni and wanted to talk to her and remembered she wasn’t real, so went back and read the book. That’s pretty exciting for me. I can’t begin to say how much I appreciate people sharing when they’ve liked the books.

How do you react to bad ones?
On books two and three, there haven’t been many, but I try very hard to see the truth in what’s been said, and think that maybe they skimmed some parts and missed some vital thing that would explain what they didn’t like. On book 1, I was shocked at how many people commented that obviously hadn’t even taken the time to read the book. Not only was there a consistency in how they misspelled Callie’s name, but they would say things like, “Jack was a jerk from the very beginning of the book until the last scene.” There is no way someone could have read it and said that, so it was surprising to me where their anger and vehemence came from when you’re talking about a sweet escapism romance novel. And I love the reviews from people who don’t see the big warning label before they buy the book that says ‘SEXUALLY EXPLICIT,’ and then they write about how their sensibilities are shocked at the graphic sex. My skin is not very thick to take such cruelty objectively, but I’m working on it.

Favorite Vacation?
I have two ~ completely different. One is NYC, love the hustle and bustle and the fact that you can walk everywhere and all of the sights and sounds and people and stories. The other is the peace and quiet of a Florida beach. I love the water (Nederland) and I love the peacefulness of waves hitting against the shore. Oh, yeah, and then there’s Santa Fe

SexyBooksBlog reviews THUNDER STORM by Mimi Foster

SexyBooksBlog reviews THUNDER STORM by Mimi Foster

Thank you so much, SexyBooksBlog, for your recent review of THUNDER STORM. I thought Jeni was delightfully aggressive, and I appreciate that you enjoyed her character too.

Review of Thunder Storm



Mimi Foster Thunder on the Mountain

Amazon Kindle Countdown Thunder Storm

If you haven’t had a chance to get your copy of THUNDER STORM, book 3 in the Thunder on the Mountain series, it is on sale until September 18 for only 99c. This is the story of Jeni Jenkins, a New York advertising executive who suddenly finds herself the sole caregiver for her elderly grandmother. Leaving Nana with excellent nursing care in a cottage behind her best friend’s Bed and Breakfast in Nederland, Colorado, Jeni believes she will be able to keep her thriving business running and visit Nana often. Miles Jeffries, a local contractor, stays in touch with her to share the sometimes funny, sometimes poignant stories about Nana’s escapades. Jeni and Miles share an electric chemistry and delightful banter. Get your copy today.

Historical Romance set in Nederland

Historical Romance set in Nederland

Historical novel set in Nederland COIf you are a fan of the Thunder on the Mountain series, there was a back story in books 2 and 3 (THUNDER STRUCK and THUNDER STORM) that, I felt, needed to be told. Willow was such an interesting character and I thought about her long after journals had been closed and current stories had ended. Who built the secret room? Who took the time to build a secret passageway? So the next book will be Willow’s story, a historical romance set in the early 1900s.

I thought about doing a novella in between about the original Jordan because Willow’s life is obviously influenced greatly by that of her mother. But there could be no ‘happily ever after’ for Jordan, so I’m trying to think of a clever way to weave her story into Willow’s that will make it flow. Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with it.

Romance Writers of America Convention 2014 in San Antonio is now over, and I’m excited to get back to this book and have it done by the end of September. Stay in touch! I love to hear your ideas!