Stealing Runner’s Heart Available

Stealing Runner’s Heart Available

When she was a child, he was her hero.
When she grew up, he was her dream.

Stealing Runner's HeartCharlotte Rose has loved Runner Jeffries since she was a little girl. He taught her almost everything she needed to know about living, and they were constant companions until he went away to college. But even that didn’t end their friendship, and they remained close through the years.

Runner Jeffries has loved Charlotte Rose for as long as he’s known her . . . just like a little sister. She’s been his friend and confidante, and even time and distance hasn’t interrupted their attachment to each other.

Runner is now a famous baseball star for The Jersey Force and Charlotte is a New York lawyer. She’s decided it’s time to take their relationship to the next level and she’s ready to let him know that she is in love with him and would like a deeper bond.

A whirlwind makeover for a sophisticated new look is part of her plan to make him see that she is no longer the girl next door. When she picks him up at the airport and his drop-dead gorgeous fiancee is in tow, Charlotte’s hopes are shattered.

Will she let go of her lifelong dream, or will she give it one more valiant try before the last curtain falls on her forever plans?

Stealing Runner’s Heart is an easy reading, funny, poignant, and tender love story that will stay with you long after the last page is turned.

Maisy’s Mirror Available on Audio

Maisy’s Mirror Available on Audio

Maisy’s Mirror on Audio

Mimi Foster AudiobookI am proud to announce that my first audiobook, Maisy’s Mirror, is available on Amazon/ACX.

After culling through dozens of auditions to find a voice/actor I thought would produce an interesting and listenable experience, I was thrilled with Amy B. Martin’s performance and hope you will be too.

From a turn-of-the-century Irish maid to a World War II hero, Amy has done an impressive job of bringing all of the characters in this poignant tale to life. Here is a quick sample of Maisy’s Mirror on audiobook. I hope you enjoy this production and I’d love to hear your feedback.

Falling in Love with a Hero

Falling in Love with a Hero

Thunder on the Mountain

When I begin writing a book, I find someone whose looks I like and keep their photo front-and-center as I get familiar with the character. This is a photo of Scott Eastwood, son of Clint, and he looks just like I imagine my current hero to look.

In my third book of the Thunder on the Mountain Series, Thunder Storm, there was a young man that I completely fell in love with. I was so enamored with the character of the adolescent Runner Jeffries, son of Miles and Jeni Jeffries, that I wanted him to have his own book.

He’s all grown up now and is a major league baseball player, and if I thought I loved him as a kid, I am totally in love with him now that he’s an adult. And Charlotte Rose, daughter of Jack and Callie (Thunder Snow) (she first showed up in Thunder Struck), is his love interest. She loved him when she was four, and she’s still in love with him, but now it’s a different kind of love – all mature and grown up and stuff ;).

I can’t wait to tell you their story, which I project will be available in August of 2017. Be sure to sign up on the right side of this post and I’ll let you know when their story is ready to be shared.

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Maisy's Mirror by Mimi Foster

Maisy’s Mirror

by Mimi Foster

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Get Authors’ Signature for your eBooks

Get Authors’ Signature for your eBooks

Did you know you can get an Author’s signature for your eBook?

Authorgraph is a wonderful service that allows Authors to connect with their Readers. Love a book, an Author, a Series? Then click on one (or all) of the books listed and have your favorite Authors sign your book ‘virtually.’

Here is a link to receive my autograph for my currently published books. Mimi Foster Authorgraph

Be sure to visit Authorgraph to find your other favorite authors.

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How Writing and Pregnancy are Alike

How Writing and Pregnancy are Alike

15 ways writing a book is like pregnancy

It has been a while since I wrote a book. Life gets in the way, and I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to start writing again. After many months of the process, MAISY’S MIRROR is finally available!!

When the after effects of publishing hit me, it felt a lot like postpartum depression, and I got to thinking that writing had similarities to pregnancy. Here are some comparisons that came to mind. Feel free to add to them!

  1. They both take about nine months (give or take)writing and pregnancy
  2. You put on pounds as you get closer to delivery (goes along with #9)
  3. Shortness of breath (from exciting storylines)
  4. You don’t want to get dressed (you can spend days in your bathrobe)
  5. Exhausted (because you never move and see #6)
  6. Can’t sleep through the night (ideas and scenes running through your mind)
  7. Headaches/lower backache (from sitting too long)
  8. Mood swings (tears, laughter)
  9. Destroys your eating plans (going for hours without moving)
  10. More assertive (especially as your characters get more intense)
  11. Not interested in anything else
  12. Wondering if it will arrive on time
  13. There’s a hard push at the end
  14. The end is fast and furious
  15. Postpartum depression (you say goodbye to people you’ve known intimately for months)
Mile High Author Event

Mile High Author Event

On September 17, 2016, the Mile High Author Event will take place at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Denver. Designed to bring traditionally published and indie authors together with their readership, tickets are on sale through September 16. Come and meet this fantastic lineup of authors from around the globe and have them sign your favorite books!

Open to the public, but there are only 700 tickets available, so get yours now. Amazing lineup of authors. I’m so honored to be a part of it!

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THUNDER STRUCK On Sale Through September 21

THUNDER STRUCK On Sale Through September 21

99 Cent Sale on Bestselling Romantic Suspense

If you haven’t escaped to the Colorado high country yet with Brandan and Jordan, maybe now’s the time. ON SALE through September 21, 2015. Share the history, the love, the magic as their rich history unfolds before them. Follow this link to order –>>> THUNDER STRUCK

Thunder Struck on sale

From horses to dogs, there was Thunder

From horses to dogs, there was Thunder

Willow’s protective Irish Wolfhound

Thunder in Willow's Secret Mimi FosterAfter I started writing Willow’s Secret, I stopped for a while to tell the story of her parents (Jordan’s Gift), because I thought it was an important part of Willow’s tale. In Jordan’s Gift, we find out where the name Thunder came from, and why Jordan and Edward named their daughter Willow.

In keeping with the tradition, when Willow received an Irish Wolfhound when she was a girl, she named him Thunder. He is admirably protective, except he has the same weakness as our heroine . . . he’s pretty devoted to our hero, Charles. Thunder and Willow grow up together through good times and bad in this poignant adventure you won’t want to miss.

This is what I imagined the very-loveable Thunder to look like.



Willow’s Secret Mimi Foster

Willow's Secret Mimi FosterFrom the time I first wrote about the journals in Thunder Struck, I have been enamored with the story of Willow. When I finished Thunder Storm, I decided to pursue the historical romance of Willow and Charles. Somewhere along the way, I interrupted Willow’s story and wrote about her parents, Jordan and Edward (Jordan’s Gift), and I believe it adds a richness to Willow.

I’m quite pleased to present my newest novel, Willow’s Secret, set around 1910 when the world was changing rapidly. People were beginning to drive automobiles, indoor plumbing and electricity were becoming more common, and the Wright Brothers were experimenting with flight. This is a delightfully romantic escape. Come and enjoy!