THE Joan Wilder?

THE Joan Wilder?

romancing_the_stoneIn my ‘other life’ I have a fast paced, often intense job. When I started writing, I thought it was so much fun to sit for hours/days/weeks and get lost in my characters. When I recently finished the first edit for Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series, THUNDER STRUCK, I became conscious of my surroundings for the first time in days. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, the first thought that came to mind was “THE Joan Wilder?!”

In the early 1980s there was a cute movie called Romancing the Stone with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. Kathleen Turner played novelist Joan Wilder who needed some real-life adventure to spice up her novels. When she finds herself in the wilds of Cartagena, Columbia, she is being pursued by cut-throat villains. In a classic line when she is about to be killed and they find out who she is, the evil ringleader says, THE Joan Wilder?  He proceeds to invite her back to his villa to discuss her romance/adventure novels.

But the scene that struck a chord was when she was writing her next novel after she returned from her adventures. She was so engrossed in her storyline that she didn’t move for days, her hair was wild, and the floor was covered with discarded tissues because she sobbed through the writing, drawing from her personal experiences in the jungle. As I passed by the mirror that morning, I realized I hadn’t had makeup on in days, I hadn’t moved much from my chair, and my body was stiff from lack of activity. I have to figure out how to keep my body moving, but I must admit I’m very much enjoying the escape!




Free Book PromoToday is the final day to get your copy of THUNDER SNOW on the FREE BOOK PROMO on Amazon. It has been a lot of fun the past few days, making new friends, wondering how they all find you, and being thrilled at the continual downloads that are taking place. As of this writing, we are sitting above 82,000 downloads since Saturday, WAY beyond my wildest imagination.

So from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I couldn’t have done it without you. Second book should be out within the next few weeks. Nederland is a great place to be, so pick up a copy today and escape with us for a little while.




“Make yourself at home.” I tried for nonchalance but it came out too breathy.

“I keep an eye on the place for Charles when he’s not in town. I’ll try to break the habit while you’re here,” he said. He continued to stand with his back to me, not moving. “How long is that going to be?” he asked quietly.

Not sure I understood the question, I didn’t answer immediately.

“How long are you staying, little one?” My heart danced at his endearment. I sat down on the polished rocks of the hearth, trying to gather my composure.

“At five foot eight, I’m hardly little.” I was working on casual; I wasn’t sure how to get there.

“A few months, at least,” I finally replied. “I plan on riding out the winter here. I have competent staff taking care of my business, and I shouldn’t have to make the trip to town too often. Why?” I asked as gently as I could, not wanting to break the spell that was surrounding us as the sunset was turning the sky orange and giving an eerie glow to the room.Thunder Snow

“I heard what you did for Griz today. I came to say thank you.”

“No thanks necessary. It was easily within my power to fix his problem, and I was happy to help. It’s important to me to fit in as much as possible.”

I could see his shoulders lose their rigidity as he leaned his head against the window. As though he thought better of it, he came and stood in front of me, not saying a word, just looking at me broodingly.

“Can’t imagine that will bode well for either one of us,” he said as he took my hand and helped me to my feet. We stood with only breath between us, not talking, absorbing the moment, each other.

Swimming in the sea of his blue eyes, the sunset was creating and aura of enchantment through the expanse of window. I wanted him to kiss me, but didn’t want this moment to end. When he finally did, the world stopped. Wait, did I think it stopped? Then why was it spinning so frantically out of control? His tantalizing kisses were unlike any I had known. Until this moment, I didn’t know this feeling existed.

“I could do this for hours,” I said breathlessly. I didn’t want it to stop. Again his lips were on mine. He seemed to absorb me into his being. My first conscious thought was that I was glad his arms were around me so I didn’t fall.

As he broke the kiss, we stood staring at each other. “Dear God, a freight train would have done less damage,” he said. He made sure I was steady on my feet, then was gone.

What women are looking for in romance novel heroes

What women are looking for in romance novel heroes

Romance Novel Heroes

Men. The older I get, the more I love them. And I’m obviously not the only one since there was one-and-a-half BILLION dollars in revenue generated last year from the romance genre. So what is it that makes us take our hard earned dollars and countless hours of our time to read about romance novel heroes who make our hearts lust (among other parts) and leave us wanting more?

In thinking about what we’re looking for when we escape into our eReaders or paper-bound books in our stolen moments (often referred to as ‘guilty pleasures’), I couldn’t help but wonder if it was (1) the story or (2) the sex or (3) the hero that we crave? As a writer of romances that are considered hot and steamy (not erotica), my answer was ‘YES’ to all of the above.

Thunder StruckThere has to be a good story, obviously. And depending on your degree of reading desire, the sex can be anything from first kiss to bondage to everything in between. But there tends to be a consistency in the men we fall in love with, one book at a time.

When I first started writing my novel, THUNDER SNOW, I took a picture of a man I found attractive and had him all over my computer. He was my Jack, and as I wrote the story, he is what I had in mind. Even though he did not end up on the cover, he physically embodies what many of us are looking for in our romance novel heroes. Here’s what I believe we consistently look for in our Alpha male heroes. I think I did a pretty good job of giving Jack most of these qualities.

Somewhat attractive ~ intelligent ~ vital ~ confident ~ competent ~ protective ~ clean ~ often older ~ experienced ~ sexy voice ~ tall ~ status ~ expressive eyes ~ kind ~ powerful but tender ~ faithful ~ sense of humor ~ passionate ~ strong ~ becomes vulnerable ~ ends in committed relationship

I would LOVE to know what YOU think should be added to or subtracted from this list.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13thFriday the 13th

From symptoms of mild anxiety to a nagging sense of doom to full-out panic attacks, it is estimated that approximately twenty million people in the U.S. are actually afraid of this day. In American culture, we are told from a young age that Friday the 13th is supposed to be unlucky. Being conditioned to it, we tend to look for it. If you look for bad luck on any given day, you’re probably going to find it. But if you find it on Friday the 13th, you’re probably going to blame it on the date.

There are no legitimate reasons for the fear, but it is fueled by two separate superstitions ~ one of those fears being about the number 13. Although reference to it is rarely found prior to 1900, its roots date back to the time of Christ and the Last Supper, when Judas showed up and became the thirteenth guest at the table. Norse Mythology tells the tale of the much-loved hero Baldr being killed by Loki, the god of evil and turmoil, who was the thirteenth guest to arrive at the banquet. These stories result in the superstition that thirteen people at a table will result in the death of one of them.

Folklore holds that thirteen is unlucky because it represents a gathering of twelve witches and the devil, and the pagan lunar calendar has thirteen months. And, of course, there was the frightful flight of Apollo 13.

The other fear concerns Friday. In the Bible, Adam and Eve are believed to have eaten the forbidden fruit on a Friday, the great flood with Noah’s ark began on a Friday, and Jesus was crucified on a Friday. In British tradition, hangings were carried out on Fridays, and there were thirteen steps leading to the noose. This has been such a long-held superstition that centuries of sailors have often refused to leave port on a Friday.

It has long been considered doomed-from-the-beginning if you begin a project on a Friday, or start a new job, or begin a journey, or get married, or begin most anything. Some people avoid flying, won’t go to work, and some won’t even get out of bed on Friday the 13th, costing U. S. businesses an estimated loss of $800 to $900 million dollars that day!

To all of this I say “POPPYCOCK!” and would leave you with one example. A British couple who, when a mirror fell and broke in their home on Friday the 13th, went out and bought a lottery ticket, and won SEVENTEEN MILLION DOLLARS. So let go of your fear because this is one that is just a fear for fear’s sake. Instead, think about buying a lottery ticket, and BEST OF LUCK. (Let me know if you win.)

Contemporary Romance Book Blogs Scheduled Tour

Contemporary Romance Book Blogs Scheduled Tour

contemporary romance book blogsI’m very excited to announce my upcoming scheduled tour for contemporary romance book blogs. I hope you’ll join me as I blog around the country with some amazing authors. As a newly published writer, I am looking forward to being in such esteemed company.

Scheduled Tour Dates

Wednesday, September 4 ~ with Barbara Bettis @

Thursday, September 5 ~ with Tami Winbush @

Friday, September 6 ~ with Layna Pimentel @

Monday, September 9 ~ with Kellie Kamryn @

Friday, September 13 ~ with Liberty Ann Ireland @

Tuesday, September 17 ~ with the inimitable Jennifer Jakes @

Tuesday, October 8 ~ with Terry O’Dell @

Please join me each day for a chance to win books and an assortment of prizes.

The art of a personal letter

The art of a personal letter

Words of Encouragement

In our age of electronics, it is so easy to send an email, text, Facebook message, tweet. But there is still something so rewarding about unexpectedly receiving a personal letter from someone. As a first-time novelist, I have been surprised at how vulnerable it makes you feel to allow people to see into the inner workings of your mind. While my book is completely fictional, it came from my thought processes, and like most things in life, you are not going to please everyone.

Therefore, to receive a personal note like I got yesterday, out of the blue, from someone who enjoyed my book, THUNDER SNOW, so much that she took the time to write and mail a letter, is not only heartwarming, it encourages me to keep going. Here is an excerpt from Praise for Thunder Snowthat note:

Congratulations on your new book! Loved it – loved it – loved it! Loved Callie and Jack! Love to read a book that cannot be put down until it is finished! Loved how Jack lovingly used the words “little one” to refer to Callie as I have always used those words with my son – even though he is 30-years-old and 6 ft. tall. Loved how you integrated the real estate industry as well. Loved how Callie loved her camera and was always taking photos . . . Again, many congratulations! Can’t wait for the next book.

Contemporary Romance Author At Last

Contemporary Romance Author At Last

Contemporary Romance Now Available

I have learned a lot in the past two weeks since my contemporary romance book has been Contemporary Romancepublished. One thing is definite – marketing is marketing. There is not a lot of difference in pushing book sales or a real estate site. You still need customers. It has been a fun experience to publish THUNDER SNOW, one that I am looking forward to repeating soon. Working hard on THUNDER STRUCK, Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series (Nederland, CO being the Mountain in question). The serene photo above was taken of Nederland on a recent visit. In the picture, the town sits between where the two mountains dip. Thank you all for your overwhelming support and encouragement. It has been a blast, and I feel blessed beyond measure.



What’s my Storyline?

Many of you have asked about the genre of THUNDER SNOW (steamy contemporary romance); is it based on anyone I know? (only in broad generalities); when can it be purchased (hopefully within the next day or so); and what is the Storyline Thunder Snow (summary to follow). Thank you all for your encouragement. It’s been a lot of fun writing it. So much fun, in fact, that I am well into Book 2 (THUNDER STRUCK), and it’s even more fun than the first!

Storyline Thunder SnowSerious about its ‘live and let live’ attitude, Nederland is a tiny town about an hour outside of Denver. It has been the perfect hideaway for Jack Franklin to have escaped from the world for the past few years. He’s a man with a secret who has become adept at ignoring tourists who trek through his sanctuary.

His peace and quiet is threatened when Callie Weston, a hotshot young realtor, seeks safe haven in an enchanting cabin built into the hillside overlooking the water. Trying to elude her own demons, Callie retreats, hoping to find solace in this unique, picturesque hamlet.

Soon the locals are calling her Bella Roja and treating her like one of their own – except Jack. The more that sparks fly between them, the more determined he is to drive her away. She’s tired of running and won’t back down from her plans of hiding for the winter. But the deeper their relationship gets, the more their pasts converge to keep them apart.

THUNDER SNOW just days away from release

THUNDER SNOW just days away from release

Mimi Foster Thunder SnowCover for Thunder Snow complete

Kim Killion of The Killion Group, Inc. is a genius! It was my pleasure to meet Kim and Jennifer Jakes at a recent Writers Conference in Crested Butte, Colorado. They are a dynamic duo who design artwork for books and related marketing material, among other things. After looking at their portfolio, there was no question that Kim was the one I wanted to help me capture my characters and the feeling I was looking for on my book cover.

After months of pouring my heart and soul into writing this steamy contemporary romance novel, I’m very excited about how the cover for my upcoming book, THUNDER SNOW, turned out. We’re on the home stretch and it should be available for purchase within the next few days.

Thank you for all you have done to make this possible, Kim and Jennifer Jakes. And thank you for putting up with me 🙂